Music School: From Novice to Prodigy, We’ve Got Your Back!


Enter the doors of our music school, and you’re surrounded by the tools, the know-how and the spirit that can transform you from someone with potential, into a master of your instrument. Be it strings, horns, percussion, keyboards or voice, you’re on your way with us. If you do your part, we’ll do ours, providing instruction AND inspiration. Our music school doesn’t promise miracles, but hundreds of students, past and present, will tell you that we do work magic.
You supply the commitment, and our instructors supply the motivation. Sure, there’s practice, but our music school focuses on performance, which means playing music you enjoy, that people want to hear, and not just endless hours of running scales.
Speaking of performance, our instructors are professionals, playing out there for passion, pleasure or to bring home the bread. They know the joy and power of being surrounded by screaming amps and thunderous drums, of being on the riser contributing mightily to a soul-stirring orchestra, or of raising the roof in a commanding choir. Soloists, accompanists and heavy-metal monsters, our teachers bring the attitude and energy of performance, straight back to you.
Here at the music school, we know the excitement of picking up your instrument or lifting a mic to your lips. But you need to know there’s more to just moving your fingers the right way or sounding your pipes loud and clear. You need to know what’s going on under the hood, not just inside your instrument, but inside the music itself. We’ll teach you how to touch hearts every time with a smart move from major to minor, and why it works. You’ll understand how to create moods thick enough to cut with a knife, using the time-tested suspended 4th chord. Even in rocking your hardest, there’s logic and structure. That F chord comes between the C and the G for a reason, and you’ll get the whys, along with the hows, whens and wheres.
The school is a modern facility, featuring newly renovated, well-lit, clean studios, professionally soundproofed and equipped with quality instruments. We encourage the student to bring his or her own instrument when it’s practical, but sitting at our drum kits and pianos, you’ll get the professional experience. When it comes to your own gear, our instructors can give impartial referrals to the best music stores, and trustworthy advice on buying pre-owned.
The school isn’t just a place to learn, it’s a hub for informal gigging and paying jobs, too. Your fellow students and teachers are part of a musical community that’s always open to new members. From conversations outside the practice studios to our trusty bulletin board, there’s always news of who to play with and where, be it just for fun or for something a little more serious.

It’s all about commitment and fulfillment. Want to touch the sky? Learn your licks from someone who’s been there.

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