Different Types Of Private Schools To Consider


Most children in the United States attend a traditional public school. However, for any array of different reasons, some parents decide that they want to send their children to private school. These types of schools should not all be lumped into one category because an array of them exist.

Religious Schools
One type of private school with which parents may be most familiar is a school based on religion. Catholic schools are one of the most popular types of these institutions; however, religious schools can spring from any other denomination of Christianity or from another other religion such as Judaism or Islam. Basically, these schools place an emphasis on daily prayer and religious instruction. The students usually attend religious services with their classmates too. Some schools require that all students be of a particular religion, and others do not have this restriction.

Boarding Schools
Some students also attend boarding schools. They live at the schools in dorms throughout the school year, and they often wear uniforms as do students who attend religious schools. These institutions can be religious or secular. Furthermore, some parents send their children to private schools that are not even in the same country as the children’s place of birth. The children often return to their homes for the summer months; however, some of them may actually have programs where the students stay year round. These schools can be coeducational or single sex.

Alternative Schools
Some schools promote alternative ways of learning as a way of life. One of the most popular examples of these types of schools are the Montessori schools. Instead of having a structured curriculum, children are generally permitted to learn at the pace they want to. They also are in charge of what they want to work on at any given moment. Some students might focus on the arts, while others decide to spend time in the instrument section.

Technical Schools
At the elementary level, you won’t find many of these types of schools. However, as students enter into the high school level, they may enroll in schools that place a specific emphasis on science, environmental studies or one of many other areas of interests. Students who attend these schools often go on to specialize in one of the aforementioned fields in college. However, these schools generally also prepare students for any sort of major they may pursue during their undergraduate studies.

Secular Private Schools
Some schools are free from certain state standards, but they do not necessarily emphasize an alternative approach to education nor do they have religion at the center of their days. Sometimes, these schools do develop a stronger sense of prestige than do others in the area.

Clearly, it’s true that not all private schools are cut from the same mold. Whether parents are looking for instruction that furthers their children’s religious education or if they are looking to enroll their high school aged children in a specific technical program, these schools are there to lend a helping hand.

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